Balance: What it is and why it is so important when applying for a loan


One of the main questions when applying for a loan has to do with the term. How long do I have to return it? Normally, there are terms ranging from two to five years, for most entities, but it is possible to find some that last six years.

Evaluating the application

loan application

Something that must be taken into account when evaluating the application of one of these credits and the term to which it will take it, is the importance of reaching a ‘balance’. What do you mean by that? Basically, to choose the term of the credit you can evaluate these two variables: how you will use the money and how long you will return it.

Loan terms

Loan terms

For example, if you will use the money to acquire a laptop and place a term of three years, it means that it will take you three years to pay for an electronic that, perhaps after 1 year and a half, you already want to renew to look for a more modern one. Then, based on the above, there must be a balance between the ‘benefit’ that the credit will give you and the time in which you will return it.

Another example is the remodeling of a house

Another example is the remodeling of a house

If you plan to remodel a certain area of ​​your home, you are aware that this will not be done every five years, but after a good time, so opting for a long term is allowed. In the case of travel, depending on the objective of the person, if you are looking to travel once or twice a year, you should consider that the credit payments you are requesting to finance those vacations should not exceed that period.

Remember, each case is particular, but these recommendations help you to carefully select the fees, deadlines and entity in which you will make the request.

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