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Borrowing a small amount can sometimes come in very handy. At the right time, you just don’t have the money to buy that nice coat or to rebuild your garden shed. Being able to borrow a small amount quickly can offer a solution. In this case, it is often referred to as taking out a mini loan. Various providers of this mini-loan can be found online, which offers considerable advantages over other more general loans. You can, for example, repay the mini loan very quickly, but the interest rates for this mini loan are slightly less favorable, especially if you are unable to repay the loan within the short term of the loan.

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A quick online loan direct lender at is ideal for people who need money in their account within a day, but sometimes even faster. This loan is a loan for a small amount. This is because you can repay this loan quickly and there is no lengthy repayment procedure. This way you can still quickly buy that nice coat, and then quickly repay the loan after receiving your salary.

No problems with BKR registration

Where other loans suffer from stricter regulations, the mini-loan rarely has to do with the BKR registration. The rules concerning BKR registration were tightened in the Netherlands on 1 December 2016. In many cases, a BKR registration is positive, for example with a telephone subscription or mortgage, as long as the customer is able to repay the loan on time. If the customer is not always able to do this, then people are registered as negative BKR. Lenders often take this into account before they enter into an agreement with the customer. However, many providers of mini-loans do not take this into account. They do, for example, want to see proof of your income over the past period, by means of a payslip or copy of your bank statement.

Important when borrowing a small amount

Important when borrowing a small amount

A disadvantage of borrowing a small amount is that the interest costs are often relatively high compared to other loans. This interest is especially high if the small amount of the loan still has to be paid after the term, in this phase the interest costs will rise considerably. These high-interest costs cause unnecessary extra costs. Often, the small amount of the loan can easily be paid off within the term of the loan, because the amount that is borrowed is low.

What are the conditions

To borrow a small amount you must be between 20 and 69 in the Netherlands. As indicated, the credit providers of the mini loans are not interested in your BKR registration, but they would like other information such as a copy of your account statement or a payslip. In addition, many of the providers of a mini loan ask for a guarantor, so someone who can possibly pay the amount if the client falls within the term or shortly thereafter. If everything is accepted, the amount can be in your account within a few minutes.

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