The Role of the Credit Redemption Broker


The credit buyback broker is a bank intermediation professional, which means that he is the intermediary between banks and individuals. A specialist in loan consolidation, he studies the files of his borrowing clients and negotiates in order to obtain from the banks a favorable opinion for the restructuring of the debts, with the best available repayment rate.


Credit union with your trusted broker

Credit union with your trusted broker

The credit buyback broker fully understands the needs of individuals based on their borrowing profile. Do you have one or more real estate loans in repayment, one or more consumer loans? Would you like to take advantage of better credit terms than you currently have? Broker Whitehouse Consulting understands your wishes and the requirements of your situation, and finds the right loan consolidation solution for your loans.

Your broker knows 100% of the market offer for credit consolidation. Applying the services of Whitehouse , it is to put all the chances of its side and to accede to the best offers of the biggest banks specialized in repurchase of loans. With the services of the brokerage firm, you are sure to make the most of your loan consolidation. No need to spend your time and energy looking for different offers on the market yourself and risk missing out on the best opportunity for yourself. Professional Whitehouse puts his knowledge and experience at your service.

The loan buyback broker offers very attractive offers through their interest rates, their credit flexibility and their conditions of obtaining. As a specialist professional handling a large number of files with partner banking institutions, he has access to better credit surrender rates than those available to individuals without an intermediary.


Whitehouse – More than just a broker

Whitehouse - More than just a broker

The brokerage firm Whitehouse Consulting has been working for years in partnership with the leading banks specialized in loan buybacks in France . Thanks to strong relationships with our financial partners and the experience gained during these years, our brokers provide a professional and efficient credit consolidation service.

The firm Whitehouse Consulting administers the files of its customers by ensuring that they are well complete and correctly structured, before presenting them to its financial partners. The intervention of Whitehouse Conseil limits the rate of refusal of the submitted files and increases the favorable opinions to the requests of the individual borrowers.

Your broker Whitehouse remains available and responsive . All application files are studied within 24 hours once received. Whitehouse Conseil also undertakes the strictest confidentiality regarding the information transmitted to it by its customers. The interests of all customers are treated optimally and equitably so that everyone has every opportunity to rebalance their budget.

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