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From new Microsoft Windows and VMware Cloud on AWS support for NetApp to AWS Outposts and Amazon Managed Blockchain, here are 10 AWS Hot Launches in August and September that channel partners should know about.

Amazon Web Services’ innovation engine has exploded over the past month with a slew of launches, including new VMware Cloud on AWS offerings, Amazon EKS packages, and support for Microsoft Windows.

The Seattle-based global cloud market share leader is now operating at a $79 billion annual rate with no plans to slow down.

AWS continues to launch new cloud services focused on support, improved integrations with other technology providers, and increased availability for some of its popular solutions, such as AWS Outposts and Amazon Managed Blockchain, on a weekly.

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As of July, AWS offers more than 200 cloud products and services.

From blockchain, storage, and containers to serverless, analytics, and cloud management offerings, the long list of AWS managed services offerings is growing at a rapid pace in 2022.

AWS’ growing cloud capabilities are propelling the tech giant to new heights.

In fact, AWS recently reported record second-quarter sales of $19.74 billion, up 33% year over year.

AWS has been able to maintain its #1 position in the cloud infrastructure services market over the years despite strong competition from Microsoft and Google. AWS holds 34% of the cloud market in the second quarter of 2022, followed by Microsoft with 21% market share, then Google with 10% share, according to data from IT research firm Synergy Research Group.

CRN takes a look at 10 of the hottest new AWS service offerings the company launched in August and September of this year that partners and customers need to know about:

* VMware Cloud on AWS for NetApp ONTAP

*AWS Fargate for Microsoft Windows Server 2022

* AWS Controllers for Kubernetes

* Amazon Inspector for Microsoft Windows operating system

* HIPPA-eligible Amazon MemoryDB for Redis

* Amazon Connect detects fraud risks

* Blockchain operated by Amazon

* Enterprise On-Ramp for AWS Outposts

* New AWS Step Functions features

* Amazon EKS Anywhere plans

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