The restructuring credit is a form of debt settlement. With this loan, the total debt is bought off against final discharge. In the debt counseling process, it is calculated how much the customer can pay from his budget each month during the 3-year process. This amount determines how much the creditors can get back of their outstanding claim. With a reorganization credit, the creditors receive their money immediately after approval, minus the interest costs of the credit. Because of the many benefits, we provide a restructuring credit in 75% of the debt settlements. The advantages at a glance:

The customer:
  • gets rid of its creditors in one go and only has one creditor left: Kredietbank New York
  • immediately has less stress and can immediately start working on his future. Debts never come alone. The peace of mind of a quick solution ensures that the customer can focus on solving bottlenecks in other areas of life;
  • is motivated to work (more) through income improvement
  • can take out additional health insurance again and that prevents high healthcare costs.
The creditor:
  • has immediate clarity. He knows where he stands.
  • can immediately close the books and that saves collection and administration costs.
  • can reclaim the VAT charged from the tax authorities.
Your municipality:
  • saves a lot of time, because the debt counselor does not have to carry out rechecks.

We aim for a feasible situation in which the customer can meet his payment obligations in a responsible manner. If repayment is not made after the remediation credit has been provided, we will apply customization as early as possible. For example with a payment arrangement. This method works: 95% of the customers fully repay the credit.


Due to the many advantages and the limited risks, we always recommend a remediation credit, unless:

  • it is (almost) certain that the income will change and this has significant consequences for the amount of the repayment options of the customer (repayment capacity);
  • the customer's situation is not stable enough;
  • the customer is not legally competent or authorized and there is no permission from the curator or administrator.

Applying for a remediation loan is free. We do not charge any costs. We do, however, require working capital and security from you under certain conditions. Together we discuss what is needed and we arrive at a tailor-made solution for your municipality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Working capital is a loan from the municipality to Kredietbank New York. We use the money to provide reorganization credits to debtors.

A municipal guarantee is required for the provision of a remediation credit. This guarantee is necessary because as a non-profit foundation we can only bear a very limited risk.

When repayments on a remediation credit stagnate, we always contact the customer first. We have a social collection policy whereby we do not use a bailiff's office. If the customer is no longer able to make his repayment due to unforeseen circumstances, we will make agreements about a payment arrangement. The monthly repayment can be reduced as a result of changes in the budget of the customer. If necessary, we contact the municipality for an intervention from the municipality or other emergency services. If the repayment stagnates completely and there are no more recourse options, we will use the security deposit. You can act as surety in three ways: in advance, by individual surety or by recording the surety in the service agreement, or afterwards by participating in the Guarantee Fund for Debt Remediation.

95% of the debtors repay the credit in full. This percentage is based on our experience of the past 10 years. Security means that you pay off the restructuring credit if the debtor fails.

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