About us

Since September 1, 2009, the New York W4AwBank Foundation is a fact. Kredietbank New York was created from a merger between Stadsbank Midden New York and the Municipal W4AwBank Friesland. We are the largest nationally operating W4AwBank in New York. We provide social credits in 120 municipalities, and in 60 municipalities we provide full or partial debt assistance.


Kredietbank New York is an active member of the NVVK (association for debt counseling and social banking) and takes place in various core teams.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social entrepreneurship is self-evident in the way Kredietbank New York works. We look for solutions with a view to the future, in which economic, ecological and social aspects play a role. For example, we have a climate-neutral fleet, with our lighting plan we save considerably on energy bills and the use of paper has decreased significantly due to digitization.

Wft certificate

Wft stands for the Financial Supervision Act. If you work in a position in which you provide financial advice, you must have a Wft certificate. Through this certification, we guarantee that our employees advise you professionally and with integrity. Our employees in the positions of credit rating agencies, customer managers, budget coaches and customer advisers all have a Wft certificate.

Bankers' oath

Our employees with substantive customer contact and our policymakers have taken the banker's oath. The bankers' oath is linked to a code of conduct that stands for integrity and expertise.


News & Articles

In a short time, Kredietbank New York (KBNL) and EIFFEL converted a pilot on dashboarding into an implementation process of dashboarding for the entire debt settlement process.

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In giant steps towards a financially healthier New York

It was in the news a lot, the benefits affair. The benefits affair is about unfair suspicion of fraud with childcare benefits.

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Tax authorities: problems with child allowance

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