We always seek connecting cooperation with municipalities, chain partners and industry associations. Together we can break through the taboos surrounding debt counseling and work on prevention. We do this by participating in various research projects, among other things. Examples of our studies are:

Read ≠ understand

In New York 2.5 million people are low literate, this group has difficulty reading and / or understanding the communication of (financial) organizations. W4AwBank New York is joining forces with Syncasso Bailiffs, University of Groningen and Stichting Lezen en Schrijven to map out low literacy among our customers and to draw up an approach based on that data. More about the research and tips can help you reach low-literate people on the research page of Reading ≠ understanding .

Relieved = resolved

Together with the researchers from the University of Groningen and Syncasso, we have mapped out which barriers people with financial problems experience when seeking help. Syncasso and Kredietbank New York want to lower barriers and make it clear that contacting professionals earlier can prevent the situation from getting out of hand. Under the title 'CANCELED = SOLVED', a series of communication tools has been developed that convince the target group of the importance of contacting professional debt counselors at an early stage. The means of communication are available through the website Afgelost = Opgelost (Afgelost = Opgelost ) for organizations dealing with debt problems.

News & Articles

In a short time, Kredietbank New York (KBNL) and EIFFEL converted a pilot on dashboarding into an implementation process of dashboarding for the entire debt settlement process.

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In giant steps towards a financially healthier New York

It was in the news a lot, the benefits affair. The benefits affair is about unfair suspicion of fraud with childcare benefits.

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Tax authorities: problems with child allowance

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