4 new Omicron cases for Cambodia as the Kingdom prepares to exit 2021


As the Kingdom prepares to say goodbye to an extraordinary 2021, Cambodia has registered 4 new Omicron cases, bringing the total to 52 cases of the new variant.

Today, the official new daily total of COVID cases (diagnosed by PCR test) was 6, bringing the total of COVID cases to 120,493 cases.

Fears of a “local” Omicron outbreak in Cambodia increase as the Omicron situation escalates in directly neighboring Thailand – where foreign “super-spreaders” have been held responsible for at least 350 cases of Omicron and the total number of new variant cases has increased to around 1,000.

The outbreak in Kap Choeng district of Surin province in Thailand – which directly borders Cambodia and is the site of the O Smach international checkpoint in Oddar Meanchey province – which will heighten fears that Omicron does entering Cambodia via the land border is of direct concern to the Kingdom. crossings.

However, despite the detection of nearly 50 cases of the Omicron variant so far, the government has said it will not impose lockdowns or work from home like Thailand.

Health Ministry spokesman Hok Kimcheng said Khmer time ‘High immunization coverage, practicing the 3 dos and don’ts, adhering to government preventive guidelines, full immunizations and boosters once available for your age group will protect our country. of the transmission of Omicron in local populations ”.

Phnom Penh Governor Khuong Sreng added that high-risk restaurants, bars, karaoke bars, nightclubs and other businesses must ensure that they follow preventive guidelines to keep everyone safe, saying:

“Phnom Penh has achieved the highest vaccination rate in the country, residents must understand the dangers, not let their guard down and learn to live in the new environment. Even if there are Omicron cases, there will be no lockdowns or other strict measures taken. Hope everyone will have the happiest and safest New Years celebration. “

Omicron, which is believed to be highly transmissible and has a higher rate of reinfection, has now spread to around 80 countries around the world, including Cambodia.

The highly transmissible variant has recorded cases in several countries and recorded infections increased by 37% globally from December 22 to 28 compared to the previous seven-day period, according to AFP’s tally based on the bases of national data.

Research from the University of Hong Kong (HKU) indicates that in most people, two doses of BioNtech or Sinovac do not produce sufficient levels of serum antibodies against the new variant of the Omicron virus.

However, Cambodians seem slow to avail themselves of the 3rd vital dose.

Phnom Penh City Hall announces it will relaunch the booster dose campaign for the second time on January 3, after the first campaign on October 11 had poor results

According to the figures provided (please note that the figures are about 2 days late), Cambodia has administered around 3.49 million booster doses – only about 20.60% of the population (see below)

This low use of the 3rd vaccination threatens to derail the considerable efforts of the royal government to vaccinate Cambodians with the 1st and 2nd doses.

However, despite the Omicron threat, Cambodia continues to reopen and the royal government is now focusing on moving to the “new normal” and opening up Cambodia to tourism and business by handling milder cases. of COVID with home treatment.

But, it remains to be seen whether the increase in the number of Omicron cases in Cambodia – and around the world – will alter those plans.

As previously explained, the dramatic downward trend in reported cases is the result of a policy instituted in October of not counting “rapid” tests and “mild” cases of COVID-19 in the official figures of daily cases. .

Granted, there was a general upward trend in the Kingdom under the old reporting regime, however, the results of the past 92 days have completely reversed this trend – as shown in the graph below (Please note that results may be up to 2 days late) below:

Looking at other figures, the total number of community cases is now 100,584 with 19,909 imported cases.

4 imported cases were announced today.

Cambodia also announced 0 new deaths, bringing the total to 3,012 direct deaths from COVID-19 in Cambodia.

10 cures have been announced – there are now 557 active COVID cases diagnosed by PCR test in Cambodia.


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