Need help with debts?

Debts. It can happen to anyone. W4AwBank New York will work with you to find a solution that suits your personal situation.

Do you have a question? Do not hesitate to contact us. This way you can avoid financial problems or prevent debts from growing.

We can help you in various ways to become and remain debt-free. Together we determine what suits you best: making a payment arrangement with creditors, refinancing , a restructuring loan or debt mediation .

Whatever solution we arrive at: the starting point is always a debt-free life.

Do you have questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Help with debts

Frequently Asked Questions

The costs for debt counseling are in principle paid by the municipality in which you live. After all, every municipality has the duty to make good arrangements for reliable and expert debt counseling for all residents.

That depends on your form of cohabitation:

  • Were you married in community of property? Then you are both liable for the debts and you both have to go through the debt settlement.
  • Were you married without community of property, so on a prenuptial agreement? Then the partners are each individually liable for their own debts. Your partner will then remain outside your debt settlement. However, the partner is expected to contribute to the costs of the household. This may mean that you yourself can pay a little more for the repayment.
  • Are you married on a prenuptial agreement, but are you both in debt? Then two separate schemes can be started. In other forms of cohabitation it depends on the conditions that you have agreed.

With a debt settlement, an attempt is always made to keep your owner-occupied home. However, it must be feasible. In some situations, the house still has to be sold. For example, when the backlog in mortgage payments is too great or when the mortgage payments do not fit into the budget.

In a debt settlement, a body mediates between you and your creditors in order to find a solution. There are several ways to resolve debt. An employee of W4AwBank New York will look for the solution that best suits your situation.

You can request an application form from W4AwBank New York or complete it via the website. When we have received the application form, you will be invited for an intake interview as soon as possible. During the intake interview, we map out your situation and then look for the solution that best suits your situation.

In order to start a debt settlement, certain things must be in order. This can take time. Once all matters are in order and the debt settlement officially starts, the settlement will continue for 36 months.

Whether the car has to leave with a debt settlement application is considered per situation. If you have to go to work with your car and the bicycle or public transport are not a good alternative, you can keep the car. If you are out of work and the car costs are a tax on paying off the debt, then the car must be sold.

Having your own bank account with a bank card is indispensable nowadays. If you do not have a bank account with a debit card, you cannot receive income, withdraw money from the ATM or pay bills. In short, without a bank account with a bank card it is impossible to participate in modern payments.

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