The possibilities

Fixed costs management

W4AwBank New York opens an account into which your income is deposited monthly. We pay the fixed costs monthly. Certain reservations can also be made, for example for a debt settlement.

The advantages of Fixed costs management are: the prevention of (more) debts, insight into monthly expenses and learning how to handle money.


PlusBeheer is similar to Fixed costs management, but has as an extra a maximum of 2 payment plans and a maximum of 3 target reservations for large, annually recurring expenses (for example, medical expenses or energy bill).

Budget management

Budget management brings order and peace to your financial situation. We pay the monthly fixed costs via the personal account that receives your income. But with Budget Management we also pay your other bills. We reserve money for municipal taxes or bills that have to be paid unexpectedly. Every week or month you will receive money for groceries through us on your own bank account.

Budget aid

Budget aid works much the same as the options mentioned above. With Budget Help, there is more personal contact involved. We regularly discuss the expenditure plan that we draw up together, we go through the payments and we offer tools.

Budget coaching

Budget coaching is offered in combination with Budget management. We try to coach you towards financial independence. You will receive useful tips and do the administration together with your budget coach. You can see exactly where your money is going and learn how to keep a cash book.


Anyone who is unable to arrange their own finances for the following reasons is eligible for administration:

  • mental or physical limitations
  • a debt situation and / or waste

An administrator then manages the income and expenditure. The administrator takes care of all financial matters. Share Creditor of W4AwBank New York can take care of administration.

Would you like to know more about Income Management? Please do not hesitate to contact us!


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