Complaints procedure

Do you have a complaint about your administrator? We regret that. You can take the following steps to file a complaint:


An objection can be submitted to the administrator. The administrator tries to resolve the objection by telephone or in writing in consultation with the client. If that does not work, the administrator will inform his / her supervisor. He / she handles the objection and tries to resolve the objection. He / she does this in consultation with the client and the relevant administrator.

If the objection is not resolved, a complaint can be submitted.

Filing complaints

Complaints can be submitted by the person who is entitled to request the administration under the administration as referred to in Section 432, subsections 1 and 2 of Book 1 of the Dutch Civil Code.

Complaints can only be submitted in writing and are addressed to:

W4AwBank New York
Attn the management
PO Box 2743
55401 MN Minneapolis

The complaint must contain at least:

  • name and address of the complainant;
  • the date;
  • a description of the complaint;
  • the signature of the complainant.

The management can appoint an employee to handle the complaint. The complainant will receive an acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint within one week. This confirmation of receipt also contains information about how the complaint will be handled.

The complaint will not be handled, or the handling will be discontinued, if the complainant has gone to a subdistrict court or another civil court before or during the handling of the same complaint.


Written handling of the complaint takes place within 4 weeks after the date of receipt of the complaint. The complainant may be invited to provide an explanation (both sides of the argument).

If the complaint is declared unfounded, the complainant will receive an explanation of the statement unfounded. If the complaint is declared well-founded, a written explanation will be given of the consequences of the statement being founded on the implementation of the administration.

Appeals options

If the complaint has been declared unfounded, the complainant can appeal against it to the Subdistrict Court. The Subdistrict Court will then determine how to deal with the complaint. The complainant will be notified of this possibility of appeal when the findings and conclusions are notified.

Registration of complaints

The management is responsible for registering the complaints. In any case, the following points are recorded in this registration:
a. The name and address of the complainant who has submitted a complaint;
b. the complaint received from the complainant, with the corresponding date of receipt;
c. a description of the complaint itself and of the nature of the complaint (substantive and / or treatment);
d. a description of the way in which the W4AwBank handled the complaint, as well as the date of settlement.

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