W4AwBank New York sees it as its mission to break through the taboos surrounding debt together with clients, network partners and industry peers. Together we can tackle the debt problem preventively and lower the barriers to access to debt counseling.


We work with a wide range of clients, of which municipalities form the largest group. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we deliver standard customization to our clients. Partly because of this, more and more clients are working with us.


Good cooperation with creditors is important to us. Only together can we achieve our starting point 'everything is paid off' and arrive at a sustainable solution for both the customer and the creditor. It goes without saying that W4AwBank New York never deviates from the equal rights of creditors. The NVVK Code of Conduct for Debt Assistance is our guiding principle in this regard.

Chain partners

W4AwBank New York always works closely with chain partners. The collaboration can range from just a 'referral letter' from the referrer to a full collaboration (with multiple agencies), leading to a commonly agreed aid plan.

Do you want to refer someone or collaborate on a help plan for one of your customers? Then feel free to contact us. Together we will certainly come to a sustainable solution.

News & Articles

In a short time, W4AwBank New York (KBNL) and EIFFEL converted a pilot on dashboarding into an implementation process of dashboarding for the entire debt settlement process.

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It was in the news a lot, the benefits affair. The benefits affair is about unfair suspicion of fraud with childcare benefits.

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