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American Green ™, Inc. (OTC: ERBB) Introduces the First Cannabis and CBD Vending Machine Capable of Positively Identifying Customers Over 21

PHOENIX, AZ, October 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via NewMediaWire — Today, American Green, Inc. (ERBB: OTC) President David G. Gwyther announced that his new age identification and facial recognition software is installed and fully operational in the United States. Xpress green™ (AGX) Cannabis and CBD vending machines. American Green is currently the only company in the world to combine superior facial recognition with age confirmation allowing the purchase of cannabis, CBD or alcohol products from users over the legal age in certain jurisdictions. that authorize these transactions. AI-powered age 21+ identity verification and authorization software automatically performs facial recognition for the initial onboarding process for AGX customers.

According to American Green President David G. Gwyther, “This is a revolutionary day for American Green and our American Green Xpress. It took us six years of constant improvement and development to get there. We are delighted that the software is now operational in the AGX. We have been working with our specialist technology vendors for 6 months on this specific upgrade and expect that we would be able to launch the AGX using the new software by November 1, and we have achieved our goal. Next, our company plans to be the first in the market with our standalone registration, age verification, best of breed, American Green Xpress with all the features and benefits that come with it. I expect the company to achieve this as well. “

Our unique AGX cannabis and CBD vending machine with facial recognition and vein reader verification is now available for sale, rental or revenue sharing agreements across the United States. Lindel Creed, Head of Automated Development at American Green, said: “Sales and marketing opportunities for American Green Xpress (AGX) have grown significantly in the area of ​​products with age restrictions of 21 years and over. The ease of cannabis and CBD sales within AGX is now enhanced by a powerful combination of software. Facial recognition and revolutionary age identification technology are paired with the company’s proprietary software and create one of the best automated selling options in the world. I think American Green and its technology partner, PanPacific International, have come to the forefront of the vertical vending market.

A customer can now obtain cannabis directly from AGX without any human assistance as long as that location is legally authorized to sell cannabis. When cannabis becomes fully legal in the United States, which American Green says will occur within the next 2 calendar years, AGX machines could be seen in an ever-increasing number of places with heavy foot traffic. Depending on local laws, customers can now purchase alcohol and CBD from AGX outside of convenience stores, grocery stores, and athletic stadiums. You will also be able to buy other products subject to an age limit at gas stations, casinos or even certain airports.

How the American Green Xpress works

New AGX customers can register for the program directly at AGX. The process of purchasing age-restricted items is quick and easy. The customer scans his driver’s license into his phone, then shows it to the AGX camera. The AGX verifies if the customer ID is genuine while comparing this photo with the facial recognition it “sees” on the AGX’s camera while confirming that the customer is “live” on the machine. The AGX approves (or rejects) the client at the end of the biometric verification process. The now verified person places their index finger on the AGX’s finger vein biometric reader where the venous fingerprint is read and matched to the new customer’s other biometric date. If a new AGX customer passes all AGX protocols, then they will be enrolled and can immediately purchase all age-restricted products in AGX. The next time someone already registered visits the AGX in their network, all they have to do is insert their finger into the finger vein biometric reader to have full access to purchase anything. in the machine. Vein readers have been found to be much more accurate than fingerprint readers for this purpose.

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In 2009, American Green, Inc. became the second largest publicly traded U.S. company in the cannabis industry. Today, American Green, with its more than 50,000 certified effective shareholders, is one of the largest (by number of shareholders) in the cannabis industry. American Green’s mission is to lead the premium cannabis and CBD industry.

By leveraging our team of professionals in the management of cultivation, manufacturing, extraction, wholesale, retail and community outreach, we strive to develop sustainable initiatives in industries adjacent to cannabis and CBD, focused on adding value for the company and shareholders.

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