Bilibili, the Chinese YouTube channel, joins the Open Invention Network


Even in 2021, I still hear people say, “Open source is kind of suspect, or it’s not good for business.” Chinese multibillion dollar companies know this best. bilibili joined other Chinese tech powerhouses such as ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, and rival Kuaishou, by joining the Open Invention Network (OIN).

The ISO is the world’s largest patent non-aggression consortium. It protects Linux and associated open source software and the companies that support it from patent attacks and patent trolls. The ISO recently broadened its reach of core Linux programs and adjacent open source code by expanding its Linux system definition to other patents such as Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and the extended file allocation table exFAT file system.

The ISO does this by practicing patent non-aggression in the Linux kernel and associated open source technologies by cross-licensing Linux system patents without royalty. Patents owned by OIN are also licensed royalty-free to any organization that agrees not to claim its patents against the Linux system. Any business can do it simply by sign the ISO license online.

So why a company that earns money by offering its young content creators a platform that combines with open source? For the same reason, almost all companies rely on open source for their software. It makes good financial sense.

As Wang Hao, vice president of Bilibili, explained, “We are committed to opening up and sharing technologies and providing positive motivation in the field of innovation of reading transmission, interactive entertainment and communication. the native ecology of the cloud through open source projects. Linux and open source are important infrastructure software that promote business development. Our participation in the OIN community demonstrates our constant and ongoing commitment to shared innovation. In the future, we will also strongly support Linux open source innovation.

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