DnD 5e: The Benefits of Using Foundry Mountain Bikes


When it comes to Dungeons & Dragons, Foundry ATV sets itself apart from other tables online with innovative and revolutionary features.

By its very nature, Dungeons & Dragons is a group game. In recent years, technology has advanced enough that people are flocking to virtual tables online to play with others across the world. There are plenty of options available for teams that don’t want to use Zoom or Skype, such as Roll20 and Owlbear Rodeo, but finding the right one can be a challenge. However, one system, Foundry Virtual Tabletop, is an incredibly versatile table top.

With its versatile yet simple to use design, it is difficult for other chainrings to stand up compared to Foundry ATVs. To make an informed decision, it is necessary to reflect on what makes Foundry great. Only one player needs to purchase a license, and it can then be used by the whole party. These purchase fees are only a one-time payment, which means that a player will not need to pay a monthly service fee to continue using the system. Additionally, many features offered for a subscription service (such as dynamic lighting and API access) are free with Foundry.

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While many gamers use Discord or Zoom to play using Mind Theater, Foundry ATV offers a wide selection of tools for designing maps or downloading maps created with other software. It even comes with a small library of assets to make the scenes stand out. Even if these preloaded items do not match the tone of the campaign, it is easy to download the ones that have been saved to the computer. Using Foundry’s built-in dynamic lighting system, the DM can also manipulate Fog of War and players’ vision based on their character token’s vision. Covering sections of the map in unsightly chunks is a thing of the past.

In Foundry, each campaign created is designed as a “World”, allowing the organizer to choose from one of 150 unique game systems they wish to use (including Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition). Foundry even comes with a few pre-written campaigns for some systems. For 5th, all of the system reference material is pre-programmed into the worlds, and the built-in character sheet feature makes online play simple and smooth.

However, that is not Foundry’s greatest asset. Where software really shines is in the use of add-ons. Many members of the Foundry community are coders, and one of the perks available to owning a license for the system is access to their entire library of modules. They have massive amounts of customization for games. If an DM is tired of keeping multiple monster character sheets open, the Token Action HUD mod allows DMs to select their attacks from their token rather than their sheet. If the game lacks atmosphere, the Adventure Music mod is a huge help. With the extensive library, a number of tweaks and variations can be made directly in Foundry to smooth the game out, add additional features, or help with player immersion.

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Foundry VTT is also stream compatible, can easily be saved for use through any OBS and used in co-operation with Discord without incident. This makes it easier to communicate with other players, and if one is looking to start a stream or podcast, using Foundry VTT can ease the transition. In addition, when creating the world, each player has their own game ID, which can be password protected. If you prefer more privacy to the characters, they can rest easy knowing that their leaf is only visible to them and the dungeon master.

Another awesome feature is Foundry ATV’s customizable compendium. This incredible feature allows Dungeon Masters to create homebrew classes and features for their players that are quickly accessible. It also makes it possible to copy and paste from any digital copies already owned by players without purchasing another expensive book as required by Roll20.

Like many other systems, Foundry offers impressive coding, but it stands out above the rest as a virtual table. The versatility provided by the module library, the customizable collection, dynamic lighting and one-off payment make it reign over all others. Try Foundry today and you will see how much better it is than any other product on the market.

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