Fargo liquor board approves conditional transfer of nightclub liquor license


The board said they would like to see the concept for the new company and do a background check of the director to be appointed before offering full approval.

Tyler Brandt of 518 Properties will be the new licensee if the city board gives its approval at its November 1 meeting. Even after that, the final decision will depend on the new manager and the business plan, which could take several weeks to come together.

Nonetheless, Deputy City Attorney Nancy Morris and City Auditor Steve Sprague said they believed the conditional transfer of the license would meet the City Commission’s requirement a month ago that Africa sell its license in 30 days or revoked it.

Sprague said there is a contract between Brandt and the former license owners – Mbulla Brown and Corey Schultz – for the sale.

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Morris added that with the rushed nature of the requirement to sell the permit, she believed the conditional permit would meet the city commission’s request.

Brandt said after the meeting he was interviewing potential managers for the club on Thursday.

He said he would likely keep the same type of concept for the installation because “it was well received”, although no final decision has been made.

Brandt stressed that security will be the main issue for the new club when it reopens, with the planned addition of identity scanners and other security measures.

In response to a question from board member Lydia Tackett, Sprague said it’s common for a building owner to also have a liquor license for a bar or restaurant.

Board member John Stibbe said he believed the conditional approval was “the way forward” with the company whose liquor license has been suspended since July 1. after several incidents at the bar, including an unsolved fatal shootout by a club bouncer in a nearby parking lot in May.

Other incidents include serving minors, over-serving, guns in the bar, and fights and assaults in the nightclub parking lot.

At its last meeting, the Liquor Control Board wanted to give Brown a chance to run the operation in a new managerial position, but the Municipal Commission rejected the plan and demanded the sale of the license. If the permit was not sold, it would be revoked and returned to the city.

Board member Robert Nelson said he thought it was the right thing to do to give Brown and Schultz a chance to sell the liquor license on the open market due to the limit city ​​permits. The city sells the full liquor license for around $ 100,000, but they sell on the open market for up to $ 250,000 to $ 300,000.

“I think it worked for the best,” Nelson said.


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