Greensboro City Council Discusses Ways To Improve Public Safety; license plate readers installed


GREENSBORO, NC (WGHP) – License plate readers have been installed at several intersections in Greensboro to improve public safety, according to Greensboro Police Chief Brian James.

The department does not publish the exact locations for readers, which could help officers locate suspects.

A spokesperson for the department said on Wednesday that the cameras will be operational in several days when the software is installed and staff members are properly trained.

James announced that the cameras arrived at Tuesday night’s city council meeting.

City Councilor Yvonne Johnson asked James if using other cameras to focus on high crime areas would help reduce crime. He said yes, but there are challenges.

“It would fall under the same restrictions as the body camera in terms of being able to broadcast it publicly … but we could certainly use them in criminal investigations,” he explained.

To help recruit and retain more officers, Mayor Nancy Vaughan asked council members to reconsider a take-out vehicle policy for officers.

“We have heard stories that we recently lost two officers at High Point. High Point has cars to go, ”she said. “My understanding is that’s a big plus for the police department, and it works out to somewhere between $ 3,000 and $ 5,000 a year.”

Councilor Sharon Hightower wants to know more about the cost and where the officers live before she supports the idea.

“I don’t want our community to feel like it’s being watched, of being overpolished. You have cameras on every street corner, police cars in every neighborhood, ”she said on Wednesday.

She wants people to feel safe and supported and asked James her questions about additional racial equity training for officers.

“It only happens when times are tight,” she said. “Then it’s a subject that we don’t talk about, that kind of dies out, but it’s important. It is too important for us not to continue the dialogue.

James said on Tuesday that funding for additional training was recently approved. He predicted that the money would be available in December.

Vaughan said she asked the city manager to bring a take-out vehicle policy proposal to council in November.


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