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Pilot Mountain State Park’s personalized license plate design requires less than a hundred additional requests to move through the approval process.

With a week before the start of the Grindstone fire and with the possibility of rain, all eyes are now on the recovery of Pilot Mountain State Park and its future. Few forestry officials and firefighters have taken to the park grounds to witness the damage, but corporate donations are already pledged to help the park.

Contributions large and small have been pouring in since last weekend from ordinary citizens. Appeals for food and drink donations quickly exceeded the capacity to store these items. The community then shifted gears as the needs changed to begin offering financial support.

Now the community’s efforts to raise funds to support the park are redoubled and are also benefiting from significant financial support from companies.

Last week, Allegacy Federal Credit Union announced a donation of $ 10,000 to help recover and rebuild Pilot Mountain State Park. This is in addition to food and drink donations the credit union made to the Pilot Knob Volunteer Fire Department.

“It is heartbreaking to see the footage of Pilot Mountain on fire as many of our members and employees live, work and enjoy this beautiful part of our community,” said Cathy Pace, President / CEO of Allegacy and a native of Pilot Mountain.

“Over the past few days, we have seen the wonderful community spirit rally with the brave firefighters and help begin the rebuilding efforts. We are honored to offer our support and also encourage employees, members and other businesses to join us.

The Allegacy donation was made to Friends of the Sauratown Mountain. Made up of over 200 friends from local communities, the Friends of Sauratown Mountain generate $ 10,000 per year “from our donations and fundraisers to purchase unbudgeted items like education, conservation and trail maintenance,” said Debbie Vaden.

“These funds (Allegacy) will have a tremendous impact on the park as we move forward in the recovery and restoration of Pilot Mountain,” said Vaden, President of the Friends of Sauratown Mountains.

“We appreciate the generous donation and as a non-profit organization we rely on partnerships with businesses and community members like Allegacy to keep our parks and rivers safe and beautiful for our community and the many visitors. who travel here. “

The Friends of the Sauratown Mountains also collaborated with the community to create a special Pilot Mountain license plate. Given the spooky events of the past week, they are redoubling their efforts to get the Pilot Mountain Plate to cross the finish line and use the funds to help with the park’s recovery after the Grindstone fire.

The plan had always been that the Pilot Mountain Plate would generate an additional revenue stream for Friends to use for non-state-covered projects at Pilot Mountain State Park. To get approval, the group tried to collect 300 applications to submit to the DMV, and their focus is within the site.

Vaden said she would like to see the Pilot Mountain plaque listed on the DMV website with custom plaques for the Appalachian Trail and Blue Ridge Mountains. The Blue Ridge Plate generates more than half a million dollars in revenue each year according to Vaden.

“These types of plates, for nature and outdoor groups, are seen and then people want them,” she said. Someone scrolling for a Kevin Harvick-themed shag dance or plate online can see the pilot plate and change their mind.

Just like that, a new source of recurring income for the Friends of the Mountain of Sauratown began. It can also be a gift that continues to be given to friends and requires no further effort than renewing your license plate like you would anyway. “If you keep the plate, it’s an annual gift for us.

Generating $ 6,000 in recurring funds from just the first 300 plaques would be of great benefit to the organization. The potential income from the plaques could be much higher if the participation levels are high. Therefore, the initial set of plates is just the start of a much larger campaign that Vaden hopes will grow when people see Pilot Mountain adorned with such a beautiful license plate.

She knows the pain that has been felt in this community over the past week, the fear and the uncertainty. Orders for some people with health problems to stay indoors, but the smell of smoke still reaching the houses. The blaze has wreaked havoc on everyone in this area over the past week.

“Everyone was devastated by this,” Vaden said of the Grindstone fire. “Looking at the photos, although it’s a huge heartbreak, there doesn’t seem to be as much damage as expected.”

“It appears to have burned the ground, much like we would have seen in a controlled burn. This will actually create seedlings and promote vegetation in the spring. “

The Pilot Mountain license plate has not yet received its approved status at the DMV, so anyone interested should go to the website, and click on the link for Pilot License Plate Application Mountain. Finally, let’s verify that the plate was within 100 applications of reaching its target.

To help with this, Truliant Federal Credit Union is stepping up efforts to help cross the threshold of this effort. On Friday morning, the Friends announced, “Truliant Federal Credit Union generously donated $ 6,000 for the recovery of Pilot Mountain State Park. Thank you, Truliant Federal Credit Union, for helping us make our license plate project a success.

Truliant will be setting up a table on December 4 in front of Pilot Mountain Town Hall between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. for interested parties to complete the DMV application. The cost of processing the pilot plate request will be covered by Truliant. Bring your car registration document and your driving license to register for the pilot plate. If you are unable to make it to the Truliant in-person event, message the Friends of Sauratown Mountain to have a registration form emailed to you.

These contributions from Allegacy and Truliant, coupled with the dedication of the Friends of Sauratown Mountain and all the good people in this community, will help ensure Pilot Mountain’s recovery and long-term health for the enjoyment of future generations.


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