How an online presence creates responsibility for your customers — S. Florida’s Changing Landscape in 2022 and Beyond


Your customers may have recently requested that you defend yourself against an intellectual property infringement claim or other online content and accessibility claims. Unless you specialize in this area of ​​law, this may be your first such case. But is this trend here to stay in South Florida? Trends in intellectual property infringement and web accessibility were stable until recently, with South Florida courts becoming a hotbed for filings. So why this sudden change? The COVID-19 pandemic has forced once physical businesses to switch to an online platform. While consumers rely heavily on what appears to be a seamless online ordering process, the reality of maintaining a competitive advantage while going online is challenging. As businesses face reinvention, they must also remain vigilant to understand legal requirements. Small businesses, local grocers, tourism related stores, restaurants and traditional discount stores that rely on foot traffic have adapted quickly to the changing consumer market. Consider the risks and solutions a business faces with an internet presence.

Grocers, clothing stores, and specialty stores are some of those who can’t afford the time to decipher the best online platform to launch a website. Hence, businesses are turning to e-commerce platforms or other pre-built themes for a turnkey virtual business center. Ecommerce platforms offer options for quick setup at minimal cost. However, a “one-size-fits-all” e-commerce platform is not without its problems. Be careful: Know the source of all digital content to avoid lawsuits and legal notices from lawyers.


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