Idaho Sheriffs Say Driver’s License Software Causes Headaches, Delays


County sheriffs are responsible for providing driver’s license services, but the computer system used to provide these services is managed by the state transportation agency.

BOISE – Sheriffs across the state of Idaho say they want action taken, not promises to get DMV offices running smoothly again.

The Idaho Department of Transportation has repeatedly said its IT glitches and shutdowns revolve around a software glitch, for which ITD is responsible, and what is causing the ongoing issues.

But the Idaho Sheriff’s Departments, which are responsible for operating state DMVs and driver’s license offices, say they are tired of being blamed for the breakdowns and are getting their feet wet. down.

Driver’s license services were down again today. There have been 11 outages since the start of the year.

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Today, the Idaho Sheriff’s Association held a press conference to say they are extremely frustrated with the ITD for several reasons; customers have to repeatedly leave and then come back, or wait extremely long times, if they can possibly get a license.

Additionally, Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue says he’s tired of his staff being blamed for outages when ITD’s software is causing the problems.

Donahue said the current system should be scrapped because it is starting to impact public safety as well.

The Idaho Department of Transportation said on Tuesday that it has put in place a new fix to be implemented by Thursday, but the sheriff’s association remains skeptical.

“What we have is we have officers on the street who can’t execute a driver’s license when they stop a car, they have to approach these cars blindly, they can’t run a driver’s license. Think about it if you’re an officer, think about it from a public safety perspective, “Donahue said.

“Like the 50 states in the country, we depend very heavily on these third party vendors to provide certain services that we are obligated to provide,” said DMV administrator Alberto Gonzalez with ITD. “We are working closely with our partners and we’ve been very patient with our supplier, but now that the outages persist we know it’s time to find a solution in Idaho and I think we are. ‘have in place. ”

Donahue added that e and other sheriffs don’t know what ITD’s solution is.

He also says he’s frustrated with the line of communication between ITD and various Sheriff’s departments.

Idaho is one of only two states where the Sheriff’s Department is responsible for issuing driver’s licenses and the Transportation Department implements the software.

In a statement released late in the afternoon, Gov. Butch Otter said he echoed concerns shared by sheriffs and citizens of Idaho. He said in part:

“My office will convene a task force made up of all relevant stakeholders, including ITD, the Idaho State Police, the Idaho Sheriffs Association, and the Idaho Association of Counties, to address these most important issues. quickly possible. “

The governor also asked citizens to be patient with state, county and local government employees until the issues are resolved.

Donahue plans to pursue legislation to remove sheriff’s departments from the process.

As for drivers worried about a license renewal that is about to expire, ITD says to contact them.


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