Keysight Unveils Self-Service Enterprise Agreement Licensing Portal


Keysight Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of T&M technology solutions, has unveiled a new self-service Enterprise Agreement Licensing Portal. The portal is an enhancement to the Keysight Software Manager system, Keysight’s web-based software license management resource, which enables Enterprise Agreement customers to control their software subscriptions and improve return on investment.

As organizations progress through their digital transformation, they need new approaches to deploying products and managing their software environments. Enterprise software agreements provide customers with flexible access, high license utilization, predictable cost, scalability, and price protection.

Source: Keysight Technologies

Keysight’s new Enterprise Agreement Licensing portal streamlines and automates software license administration for the company’s broad portfolio of software products available in a subscription business model. Products eligible for purchase in an Enterprise Agreement software license pool include:

  • PathWave design and test tools
  • RF signal generation and analysis tools
  • Instrument applications for oscilloscopes, bit error rate testers and network analyzers
  • Data analysis tools for waveform, manufacturing and measurement analysis
  • Wireless Network Testing and Analysis Tools
  • Network visibility and security tools
  • Software test automation tools

Software operations personnel, including software license administrators, lab managers, system administrators, IT managers, security managers, network operations managers, and CAD managers, use the Software Licensing Portal. enterprise agreement to provision and optimize their license pool through new 24/7 self-service access. workflow.

It offers customers the following advantages:

Automation replaces manual license management processes (provisioning software, assigning and managing hosts) with automated processes that are independently controlled by the customer.

Improving the customer experience simplifies the Enterprise Agreement licensing experience by streamlining the license pool provisioning and remixing steps.

Operational efficiency by digitally transforming software operations to improve productivity and improve software management processes.

“Keysight continues to improve the customer experience with our products, as well as through infrastructure innovations in the end-to-end software licensing process,” said Nilesh Kamdar, director of software business and operations at Keysight. “Keysight’s self-service Enterprise Agreement Licensing Portal offers an automated approach that helps software administrators save time and money, while improving productivity to achieve key transformation goals. digital.

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