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The Indiana Gaming Commission on Monday afternoon turned down an offer from Greg Gibson’s gaming company Lucy Luck Gaming LCC to resolve its appeal against the state’s refusal this summer to renew Lucy Luck’s license. for a casino in Vigo County.

However, it looks like the commission will reach out to Lucy Luck with a counter offer.

Greg Gibson

Lucy Luck, whose licensing appeal is scheduled for a status hearing before an administrative law judge on Tuesday, made the following offer, according to the commission staff’s presentation to the commissioners at the meeting of Monday :

• The commission would renew Lucy Luck’s license.

• Lucy Luck would dilute Gibson’s ownership and compensate all minority owners.

• Lucy Luck would then sell or transfer her license to Hard Rock International or a “similarly situated” gaming company.

When asked, panel staff informed the Commissioners that Lucy Luck was not in a better position on staffing and, to the knowledge of the staff, qualified funding than she was when the renewal of the license was rejected in June.

In addition, according to the Commissioners’ staff, communication with Lucy Luck had been almost nil.

With a 4-0 vote, Commissioner Daniel Housman abstaining, the committee rejected Lucy Luck’s offer. President Michael McMains, Vice-President Marc Fine, Commissioner Jason Dudich and Commissioner Susan Williams voted against.

However, Fine then suggested a possible counter-offer.

Broadly speaking, this would include returning her license fees to Lucy Luck once the fees from the company selected for the Vigo County license are underway. In return, Lucy Luck put an end to all litigation and vowed not to pursue any further lawsuits.

As suggested by Williams, commission staff will also begin to consider the outright revocation of Lucy Luck’s license – as opposed to her current “non-renewed” status. Williams said, and other members agreed, dismissal could be an option if his settlement offer to Lucy Luck is rejected.

Commission staff said it would take them around 15 days to prepare these documents for Commissioners to review.

In June, the commission issued an order declaring Lucy Luck not eligible for renewal of her casino owner’s license. The commission said a qualified management team had not been assembled and the funding for Lucy Luck was incomplete.

In July, Lucy Luck filed an appeal with the commission and the Indiana Office of Administrative Law Proceedings. Lucy Luck has requested a stay of the commission’s order denying the license renewal.

Elizabeth Gamboa, an administrative law judge, suspended the order. A status hearing on Lucy Luck’s appeal is scheduled for Tuesday and a formal hearing is scheduled for December.

HR Terre Haute LLC (Hard Rock) as well as CDITH LLC (Churchill Downs), FHR-Atlas LLC (Full House Resorts) and Terre Haute Entertainment LLC (Premier Gaming Group / Terre Haute Holdings LLC) are currently seeking the Vigo County license.

Hard Rock has received resolutions of support for the casino license selection from Vigo County Council, Terre Haute City Council and Vigo County Commissioners Council.

Gibson is a minority owner of the Hard Rock business in northwest Indiana and has a minority stake in its Terre Haute offering.

The Tribune-Star attempted to reach Gibson for comment this afternoon, so far to no avail.

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