New Mexico streamlines driver’s license requirements


New Mexico launched a new standard driver’s license on Tuesday, streamlining the process for the less stringent option of the state’s two-tier licensing system.

The standard license does not meet the requirements of US Real ID law, which means it may not be valid for boarding commercial flights from October 2020 if the law is fully enforced.

The less stringent licensing option follows a lawsuit alleging that previous requirements unfairly denied basic ID cards to immigrants, homeless people and others.

“It has been a long struggle for immigrant families and our allies,” Marcela Díaz de Somos un Pueblo Unido, an immigrant rights group, told the Albuquerque Journal. “It’s been 10 years since it comes. “

Among the changes to the application for a less stringent license option, the list of documents acceptable as proof of residence has been expanded.

Both licenses will be treated equally in New Mexico.

Stephanie Schardin Clarke, secretary of the state’s tax and revenue department, told the Journal that the new law means the state “offers a standard driver’s license with no stigma and no unnecessary hoops to go through to qualify for a title. of legal driving in New Mexico. “

Nearly 650 standard driver’s licenses had been issued by Tuesday afternoon, director of the motor vehicle division Alicia Ortiz told the Journal.


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