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OpenLM introduces user-based pricing for on-premises and cloud versions to support unlimited software vendors

Compared to our old pricing model, the new one is much simpler and more open. It would give our customers the freedom to pay for what they use or use what they need.”

— Oren Gabay, co-founder and CEO

BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, June 28, 2022 / — OpenLM(, one of the world leaders (Source: Gartner SAM Market Guide, Sept. 2021) in engineering and specialty software license management (monitoring and automation), announced the most anticipated innovations in the field of computing and software licensing. This Israel-based licensing company introduced its new pricing model for on-premises and cloud models. With this, the company ensures to save around 15-30% of the annual licensing budget for the organizations. Whether enterprise or small business, OpenLM’s new pricing model is suitable and suitable for all sizes and industry verticals.
When asked Oren, CEO of OpenLM, he said, “Compared to our old pricing model, the new one is much simpler and more open. This would give our customers the freedom to pay for what they use or use what they need”. He then explained in detail the new OpenLM pricing model.
OpenLM’s new pricing model is based on user count and is designed to be simple, transparent, scalable, and overall it delivers more value to our customers for the same price. Compared to our old licensing model based on providers, users and extensions, the new one is much easier to use. OpenLM is the only company on the market to support engineering and specialty licenses on the cloud (SaaS).

Oren also added, “The need to purchase additional licenses when the need to monitor more license managers arose prevented our customers from taking full advantage of OpenLM. This limitation is now removed and our customers can enjoy OpenLM support from over 60 license managers, which is significantly superior to any other competitor.

Oren clarified that OpenLM will continue to offer both subscription and perpetual licenses to on-premises customers.

The new pricing model allows our customers to extend the functionality of the software with advanced features such as License Harvesting and Advanced Reporting (BI). OpenLM also supports on-premises perpetual pricing with the cloud version.

Oren also gave a snippet of what OpenLM’s new cloud pricing model would look like. For the cloud, OpenLM provides the “Pay by User” model. The ‘Pay per User’ model is ideal for customers who wish to have predictable prices.

With the implementation of this new pricing model, OpenLM aims to give IT asset management a head start in the global marketplace.

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OpenLM is a global leader in software license management solutions for engineering and specialty software applications. Founded in 2007, it has now created a global base of around 1000+ clients, most of whom belong to the “Fortune 1000” club. OpenLM has already been featured by market leaders like G2, Capterra, TrustRadius, Cuspera and others. Currently, OpenLM operates in Israel, USA, Japan, France, Moldova, India, North America, Europe and emerging countries like Australia, Malaysia, China, Thailand, LATAM and others.

OpenLM’s new pricing model can be checked here: All business questions can be sent through the “Contact Us” page: Their contact numbers: Israel – +972 4 6308447, USA – +1 619 831 0029, Japan – +81 505 893 6263.

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