Regulatory and Licensing Department; there are 31 non-compliant cannabis license holders


NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The recreational marijuana trade has exploded in New Mexico since it became legal. What happens to companies that don’t follow state rules? “The idea is that we are moving from a new, unregulated industry to a regulated industry,” said Andrew Vallejos, director of the cannabis control division in New Mexico.

Inspectors come out with a checklist and look for any issues. This list includes waste control, fire safety and ensuring businesses have security measures in place. It all depends on whether the company is a retailer or a producer. “For retailers, they usually don’t have such a comprehensive checklist because they don’t grow,” Vallejos said.

Since April, Cannabis Control has conducted approximately 100 inspections. They say 31 companies are not in compliance. “Some of the pieces can be a little honest, especially when it comes to waste. With growth and production, we need to keep track of all the leaves we pull that don’t contain THC,” Daniel Novak said. , owner of The Bad Company Dispensary.

One of the reasons for suspension; is if companies don’t enter their product into the state’s seed sales software. Plants are tracked whether they come from New Mexico or out of state. However, even if companies deviate from the rules, the goal is to get them back on track.

Vallejos mentioned, “It’s a new industry and we’re working with licensees to bring them into compliance.”

The state has not cited any recreational marijuana licenses since it became legal. They are also looking to hire two more compliance officers. The Cannabis Enforcement Division currently has eight compliance officers to inspect 478 businesses that hold a recreational marijuana license. There is no state requirement on how many times a year they must inspect these businesses.


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