South Windsor OKs changes health permit requirements


Oct. 20 – SOUTH WINDSOR – City Council on Monday approved changes to the city’s licensing requirements for food truck vendors and tattoo, cosmetology and daycare establishments, effectively requiring them to obtain a license from the state before they can open in town.

Chief Health Officer Heather Oatis proposed the changes to the ordinance at a September city council meeting, and they passed unanimously at their Monday meeting.

“I just wanted to thank the city manager and the health department staff for letting us know about this,” said city councilor Marek Kozikowski. “I think it’s a great example of marrying best practice and the law.”

Changes to license requirements for food trucks now require the operator to name a base of operations.

Oatis said at the Sept. 6 meeting that the city still needs a base of operations, but there was no language in the permit to require vendors to meet that standard.

The main changes to tattoo, cosmetology and child care establishments are that a license is now required rather than a permit and that the health director should conduct a review of the plan before any development process begins.

The new fee for not having a municipal health license for a day care center is $100 while the penalty fee for tattoo and cosmetology establishments remains at $250.

The ordinance for crèches also requires them to reapply every four years instead of every two.

Tattoo and cosmetology establishments remain the same, filing on an annual basis.

In addition, the examination fees will be decided by the city council and each establishment can be inspected an unlimited number of times.

Cosmetology establishments received the most changes in the updated order as the state relies on local regulations for these businesses.

For the safety of customers and employees, the business must have adequate ventilation, hand washing stations and sanitizing equipment.

Tattoo establishments were already required to have sanitary facilities and hand-washing stations.

Collin covers South Windsor and East Hartford for the Journal Inquirer.


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