Tamil Nadu CB-CID dismantles bogus company under Microsoft banner; Three outfits


Tamil Nadu’s CB-CID Cybercrime Police have filed a complaint against a gang operating a bogus call center under the Microsoft banner and are investigating the locations where the bogus call centers have taken place.

Each computer and laptop user pays around Rs 9,000 to license Microsoft software. A system can only be licensed once and used for specific years. But most of the computer users abuse it and use the cheaper pirated version without purchasing the original license from Microsoft.

Taking advantage of this, a gang targeted people who are using the pirated version of the software through a bogus call center on behalf of Microsoft, and fraudulently claims to sell software for a lower price by contacting and emailing them. .

Finally, there has been an allegation that many people around the world are getting scammed by fake Microsoft software. Several actions have been taken in various Indian states in connection with these incidents on the basis of a complaint filed on behalf of Microsoft against the fraudulent call center operating under the Microsoft brand.

Subsequently, based on Microsoft’s complaint to the CB-CID Cyber ​​Cell, CB-CID’s police investigation into the allegations revealed that thousands of people were caught in the scam and had lost money through credit cards. They received bogus software claiming it is a Microsoft licensed trial version and were forced to download it. Further investigation also revealed that a viral link had been used to steal data from users’ computers. Moreover, the investigation revealed the fraudulent gang who used their data to block users’ computer activity by using the same virus link again a few days later and forcing them to pay a certain amount in Indian currency or in dollars.

The group has been accused of stealing banking information, including credit cards, through bogus Microsoft software and engaging in money laundering activities. The CB-CID Cybercrime Unit recorded a case and is investigating the incident based on a detailed complaint filed on Microsoft’s behalf against the gang. Based on this, the CB-CID police identified the places where fake call centers are operating through the given IP address in Chennai and are searching around 10 locations. According to officials at CB-CID, most of the people working in the bogus call center were employees of companies like BPO.

Officials said several gang members involved in the scam are likely to be arrested when the raid ends. It is also reported that the CB-CID cybercrime police, with the help of cyber experts, are investigating the number of people who have fallen victim to the gang of crooks.

It has been revealed that the gangs target people not only in Tamil Nadu but also in other states and even countries like the United States and Canada.

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