TikTok accused of ‘stealing’ competitor for new live streaming app


TikTok has been accused of “stealing” OBS to create its TikTok Live Studio live streaming platform, and now an OBS representative has responded.

TikTok began testing its new TikTok Live Studio streaming software on December 15.

Live Studio was created to allow users to stream directly to TikTok from other devices such as game consoles or computers, seeking to become a competitor to larger platforms such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

Within days, however, the newly created streaming software generated some buzz on social media for allegedly snatching their software from a competing company.


TikTok gives creators the freedom to create any type of content they love, including unique and original sounds.

TikTok elicits negative reactions

A tweet from content creator Naaackers has gone viral for shining the spotlight on TikTok’s new live-streaming platform.

Naaackers accused TikTok of “stealing” OBS through their new streaming platform Live Studios.

Since the tweet gained attention, the content creator has backed down on his accusation of ‘theft’ as some clarified in the comments section that the real problem is that TikTok did not comply with the license properly. OBS.

OBS Business Developer Ben Torell clarified the situation and said, “We are committed to dealing with GPL violations in good faith, and in the case of TikTok / Bytedance, we would be happy to have a relationship. working friendly with them as long as they comply with the license.

The OBS representative clarified that TikTok was violating its licensing policy.

Although he also said that the company is willing to work with TikTok as long as it cooperates accordingly.


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