Zomentum Acquires Goolash and Adds SaaS License Management and Billing Reconciliation to Revenue Platform


Zomentum Acquires Goolash and Adds SaaS License Management and Billing Reconciliation to Revenue Platform

“They are [technology partners] well aware that they lose revenue when client licenses fall through the cracks… . Adding Goolash license management and billing reconciliation to Zomentum’s revenue platform solves this critical issue.”

Zomentumcreators of the first smart revenue platform for technology partners, today announced the acquisition of the Belgian company rant, an automated license management and invoice reconciliation solution. Preventing revenue leakage, Goolash automatically reconciles customer software licenses with customer accounts to ensure accurate billing.

As part of the acquisition, Goolash CEO and Founder Jef Bogaerts and the Goolash team will join Zomentum. Additional terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

“Technology partners manage thousands of recurring licenses, usually with manual processes, which is an administrative nightmare. They are well aware that they are losing revenue when client licenses fall through the cracks. What they don’t don’t know is that there is an easy and effective solution,” said Shruti Ghatge, CEO of Zomentum. “Adding license management and billing reconciliation from Goolash to the platform of Zomentum Revenue solves this critical issue and exemplifies our continued commitment to supporting the entire revenue lifecycle for our partners.”

Typically, technology partners manually reconcile SaaS licenses when time permits. Since SaaS licenses are added frequently, the delay before reconciliation inevitably allows billing discrepancies to persist, resulting in lost revenue. By acquiring Goolash, Zomentum alleviates this problem by transferring license changes from the SaaS provider to the PSA in seconds, so there is no need for a subsequent reconciliation.

“We created Goolash to solve the SaaS licensing billing gap for our own MSP and have been helping other solution providers fill this drain on their revenue streams since 2017,” Bogaerts said. “Goolash is a robust and in-depth solution that has been tried and tested by the partner community. It’s a perfect complement to Zomentum’s revenue platform. Together, we help partners earn, grow, and manage their revenue .”

Goolash maximizes profits with automated, hassle-free billing integration between all major providers. Partner data is reconciled in three ways:

1. Ongoing, through integrations with leading SaaS providers

2. Periodically, by uploading vendor billing reports, which are mapped to customer accounts in about five minutes, significantly faster than manual reconciliation.

3. Automatically, by sending .csv data directly to Goolash

Additionally, Goolash offers an API to connect to any provider and, alternatively, an automated data import wizard.

The app also has out-of-the-box integrations with major software vendors such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Webroot, Bitdefender, GravityZone Cloud MSP Security, Sophos, Exclaimer, Duo, Datto SaaS Protection and Datto RMM, Altaro VM, Acronis Backup Cyberprotect and SolarWinds (coming soon), Microsoft Azure and more.

Profit management with automated vendor-neutral billing integration for their software vendors and PSA is a no-brainer for technology partners who want to increase revenue by simplifying operations. Now more partners will be able to adopt this technology in 2022. Autotask is currently supported and Zomentum plans to release integrations with Connectwise and HaloPSA in Q2 2022.

Zomentum will integrate Goolash’s capabilities into its revenue platform, but is immediately making the software available to technology partners as a standalone service. Partners can request a free trial at http://www.zomentum.com/license-reconciliation.

About Goolash

Goolash optimizes billing reconciliation and maximizes profits for technology vendors worldwide through automated billing integration between leading vendors and Professional Services Automation (PSA) systems. Goolash automates the SaaS billing process, creating contracts in the PSA for each SaaS license sold. It saves time and money by automatically keeping track of all changes, subscriber additions or new products, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Learn more about https://goolash.io.

About Zomentum

Founded in 2018, Zomentum offers the world’s leading revenue platform for technology partners. Zomentum’s revolutionary end-to-end platform consolidates many tools while empowering technology partners to quickly and cost-effectively generate, grow, and manage revenue. Thousands of partners across America, Europe and Australia trust Zomentum to accelerate the growth of their businesses. The Zomentum revenue platform generates $500 million annually in IT revenue and more. Zomentum is based in San Francisco, with offices in the United States and India. The company is backed by leading investors including Accel Partners, Elevation Capital, Green Oaks Capital and Eight Roads Ventures. Learn more about http://www.zomentum.com or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

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