Quick and simple payday loans on the internet in Citrus North


Get Payday Loans from Citrus North. They are quick, and reasonable offers to help you get the cash you require today

If you’re in need of cash today then a payday cash loan is a simple option to get cash without having to pass having to check your credit. Citrus North provides a simple application that makes it simple. Our helpful Online Payday Loan or In-Store Loan Associates are waiting to approve you in the shortest time possible!

Why should you pick Citrus North to get a payday loan?

Citrus North Is a State-Licensed Lender

As we are licensed by the state of California and state-licensed, you can be sure of our practices in lending responsible and fair.

Quick decision

Our Fast Loan Approval Process ensures that you’ll get a decision within a matter of minutes after the time you submit your application.

In-Store Application

Visit any store with a valid photo ID along with evidence of income, a an up-to-date bank statement, and personal checks. If you’re approved, you’ll receive cash on the same day!

Online Application

Fill out our quick application by clicking “APPLY ONLINE” anywhere on our website. If you’re approved, you’ll receive the money into your account within the same day or the next business day!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Citrus North offers a next business day guarantee of satisfaction with our pay day loans. If, for whatever reason you are unsure about your cash advance just visit a store or contact us before end of business the next day and repay what you borrowed for free.

Are payday loans from Citrus North the right choice for you?

A payday advance lasts usually for between two and four weeks. But, many borrowers use the loan over a period of months, which could be costly. They are not recommended for long-term solutions to financial problems.

Advance cash loans can be subject to approval according to our normal process of verification. The term and rate of your loan can vary dependent on the location (state) in which you receive the loan. A request does not ensure the possibility of being accepted for an advance in cash or for the highest amount that is available. Our general conditions and terms apply to any cash advance loan.

Citrus North loans come with the next business day satisfaction assurance. If you decide to change your mind regarding your loan, you just pay the principal in full by the close of the business day following and you will not be charged any additional fees.

Take note of the following important note:

If you don’t pay your loan in time for the loan, there could be consequences that include the following:

Credit Score: Insufficient or late payments on loans can affect your credit score. We make use of different credit reporting agencies like MicroBilt which means that your credit could be affected, and your capacity to borrow may be limited by other companies that use these agencies if your loan payments were not received promptly.

Collections Efforts: In the event that your account is in arrears, we can make use of our rights under the credit agreement. Citrus North employs standard collection practices regarding delinquent accounts. It could involve calling you via mail or email. We reserve the right of selling our obligation to a third-party or hire a collection agency which may also be engaged in the normal collection procedures with you.

The Financial Effect: We don’t evaluate past due interest on payday loans, however you could be assessed NSF and returned checks or late fees in the event that your payment is not received by your bank.


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